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The concept behind the app was too make the app a community in which both young and old creatives and brands could come together, communicate and be informed about digital fashion, why it is such a forward thinking sustainable idea, learn about brands who are already doing digital fashion.The app includes written articles informing the readers about up and coming news surrounding the digital world, a series of informative podcasts from augmented reality and digital fashion creators, co-founders of digital fashion brands and more. Our app is designed for consumers of any age. Digitex believes the older generation should have as much access to technology and digital fashion as the younger generation. this is same for all generations. Digitex and digital fashion is a form of expression. Digitex believes that everyone no matter your gender should have an opportunity to express themselves freely and where whatever they please. Ou app celebrates this with using an older male model to show off some Digital fashion pieces worn by our featured designers.  Our app is predominately designed for it be used by content creators, social media influencers and brands, for them to learn about digital fashion and how it can be used as a sustainable option to fast fashion, overconsumption and clothing waste. This app can also inform brands of all the different ways technology can save them money such as in the design process augmented reality designs can save them money on shipping and product cost as-well as help the environment.

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